Our Materials 


​We’re big believers in quality as a mindset. Which is why we’ve made the extra effort to ensure that only the best goes into everything we do – especially our quality furniture.

Ethically sourced wood

We care about where our wood comes from. From French forests for our oak furniture to sustainable plantations in Indonesia for our teak pieces, each plank of wood is as unique as the tree it came from, with variations in texture, colour, and grain. On top of its exceptional quality, that’s what gives every piece its fabulous, one-of-a-kind character.


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Teak Natural Charm

Our teak wood is sourced from Java in Indonesia, where we work closely with the government to replant trees and ensure that only a certain number of trees are felled each year.

Superior in quality
We select only the best for our furniture. Hailing from Central and Eastern Java, our teak is harvested from graded, sustainable plantations, with a minimum age of 30 years.

Perfectly engineered
All our teak undergo kiln drying to achieve a moisture content of 8-12%. This, together with our thoughtful design, minimises expansion and contraction of the wood even under extreme conditions.

Exceptionally durable
No other wood shares teak's strength and durability. A dense hardwood with high natural oil content that repels termites and moisture, teak withstands the test of time so that your furniture can span generations. 

Oak - Let nature speaks for itself

We use French and Serbian oak from Europe, sourced from well-managed forests that are focused on preserving oak's long-term sustainability and the environment.

Naturally charming
We take care to preserve our oak's unique characteristics. Each oak wood furniture is presented in its most natural form with knots, eyes, and medullary rays – a unique feature only apparent on quarter-sawn oak.

Meticulously crafted
Through every step of the production chain, our oak is handled by dedicated and professional craftsmen. Before sealing the carton, the oak is hand-finished with a layer of OSMO oil coating, protecting the wood from elements.

Remarkably adaptable
Don’t worry about the temperate origins of oak. All our oak pieces undergo the kiln drying process, making it perfectly suitable for all climates and seasons.

Highest quality mechanisms


Our products come with high-quality, lasting mechanisms from Blum, Pöttker and Hettich. These mechanisms complement the convenient designs of extendable dining tables, push-to-open drawers, and soft-closing drawers and doors.

Our commitment to the environment

Great quality and price shouldn’t come at a compromise, especially on our planet. We continuously think about our impact on the environment, and how we can leave it better for tomorrow. From the sourcing of our wood to the production and distribution process, we’re always looking for new ways to reduce our footprint by maximising energy efficiency and reducing waste.

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