We know that your home is a place of warmth, comfort, and peace, and that you care about what you put in it. After all, home is where you have the freedom to be you. To experiment without judgement. To express your ever-evolving aesthetic. To grow and transform with the changes of life.

Which is why we at Soul & Tables have chosen innovative, authentic, contemporary, and eco-friendly pieces that will stand the test of time with you. From ethical sourcing of beautiful high-quality furniture, to providing our customers with a more seamless, comprehensive, and convenient shopping experience, we’re here to help you build a home that you’ll love for years to come.

More than just furniture, we offer value-added services like free delivery and complimentary lifetime maintenance. Great quality, exceptional service, and remarkable convenience are at the heart of what we stand for. We’re transparent with our pricing, and we’ve said no to the high street set-up in favour of an online shopfront and experience showroom, so savings get passed on from us to you.

We prize people and planet above all. Great style and value should not come at the cost of our craftsmen or the environment. That’s why we’re all about ethical sourcing, traditional artistry, and handcrafted luxury that also supports communities, protects the forests, and reduces wastage.

What matters to you, matters to us too.

How Soul & Tables came to be

When Jonathan Roelandts and Katrien Bollen moved to Singapore in 2010, they wanted to find great looking, high-end, yet affordable furniture to fill their home with. It was a feat that proved particularly challenging.

That was why in 2012, they founded Ethnicraft Online – so that other families in Singapore would be able to enjoy immediately available, contemporary, sustainably produced, high-quality solid wood furniture without the exorbitant price tag. The choice of an online-store-and-showroom model was a way for them to lower costs, so that savings could be passed on to their customers.

By 2018, the company Ethnicraft Online became Soul & Tables, a larger and more inclusive brand with a new showroom in Dubai in 2019. Soul & Tables’ stronger online presence and expanded product range (Ethnicraft, Karpenter, Woven +, Fermob, and The Grey House and many more) allow Jonathan and Katrien to bring more of what was loved about Ethnicraft Online to a larger audience, while keeping high-quality furniture, impeccable customer service, and outstanding convenience at the heart of all they do.

Let us help you fill your home with pieces you’ll love for years to come. Welcome to Soul & Tables.

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